How Facebook Analytics is influencing social media strategy?

An Overview:

Ever considered how many people are actively looking through your brand’s image on various platforms like Facebook or Instagram? And how many of those users are compelled to stop by your website and make a purchase?

Sowing your seeds and reaching desired heights

The foremost way to publicize your brand would be allowing it to reach your target market. Once you post an ad online showcasing your brand’s image, several people might show their interest in your products.

Understanding the Customer’s Perspective

For instance, as a customer, you tend to see a number of advertisements by casually scrolling through your Facebook page. It’s a cozy winter evening, and you’re looking for the perfect warm jacket — something fashionable, as well as affordable. You scroll through various websites, but procrastinate the purchase, as you browse better options elsewhere.

Exploring the markets you wish to reach

Now, you may think the hardest part of attracting customers is over once they make a purchase from your website. But, a stricter climb awaits. The key goal to grow your business isn’t simply about acquiring new clients. It also requires you to retain them once you’ve captured their attention.

Planning your future actions

Facebook Analytics provides you with a wide array of tools you can implement to meet your business goals. These tools help you understand various customer behaviors such as a number of views, likes, and comments, or even negative feedback. This is presented to you in the form of graphical representations and charts where you can see the fluctuations in the number of users interacting with your business.

Which strategies should you put into action?

Some commonly used strategies and tools have previously contributed to the growth of various businesses. These are created in a simple, yet profound manner. Hence, you can easily access and understand them in-depth, and reach your business goals effectively. These tools will provide insights on a range of perspectives related to your brand’s influence in the current market:

Demographics chart

These depict how many users within the same age group, gender, city, or country have interacted with your brand. If you wish to attract teenagers instead of people in their mid-20s, you can make changes to your brand’s outlook. Try making it more playful and exciting, and check the results through the demographic charts.

Journeys Report

This sheds a light on the path users take to gain basic information about your brand. The report will depict how many people have interacted with your brand across your website. Let’s say you know the maximum number of people viewing your brand are active Instagram users. So you can focus your attention on creating more posts on your Instagram account. Soon, you would notice an increase in the number of your Instagram followers.

Overlap reports

These portray a number of interactions users tend to form, in order to build a successful relationship with your brand. These reports will display the number of users who, for example, comment on your Facebook page, and also visit your website. Analyzing this data can allow you to increase the number of conversations you have with your users on Facebook. Using this tactic, you can create a boost in the number of active users on your website.

Funnel Reports

This represents the number of users who take the final step towards making a purchase on your website. You will receive a report on the number of customers who are on the brim of the funnel, i.e., have just visited your website. Consequently, you will see how many have moved towards the bottom of the funnel, i.e., have successfully made a purchase. This helps you interpret the efficiency of your marketing strategies. You can alter these in order to gradually bring more users towards the bottom of the funnel.

Success stories

A number of businesses have contributed to their growth by analyzing and manipulating various strategies through Facebook Analytics. Such marketers have put their thoughts into efficient actions at the right places, and at the right time.

Reaping the benefits of Facebook Analytics

You can use Facebook Analytics to your advantage and gradually gain experience on how to maximize sales through your brand’s image. You will soon find an increase in the number of active users as you go through a deep study of customer behaviors and improve your marketing strategies.



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